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Welcome to our next webinar "Safety of ABB collaborative robots - efficient AUTOMATECH integration", prepared this time together with global robot manufacturer ABB.

Omawiamy w nim podstawowe tematy dotyczące cobotów, a także integracji robotów współpracujących ABB pod kątem bezpieczeństwa.

We discuss the basic topics of cobots, as well as the integration of ABB collaborative robots in terms of safety.

In our presentation we present cobots from different points of view and answer fundamental questions such as:

Closely related to the topic of cobots is an engineering service that our company performs, i.e. cobot force measurement – watch a short video about what such measurement looks like.

ABB engineers introduced the company’s profile in the context of its position globally and in Poland, and then discussed the topic of cobot safety, i.e. what makes a collaborative robot “safe.” ABB collaborative robots, including the NEW Cobot GoFa, were then presented.

We invite you to watch the webinar.


We encourage you to watch the recording of the webinar "TOP 7 production safety systems recommended by experts".

In it, we present the innovative solutions of Jay électronique (Conductix-Wampfler) and Mayser components, which are perfectly suited for industrial safety, in various industrial sectors:

Product presentations are supplemented with footage of specific implementations.

You are cordially invited to watch the video.


We encourage you to watch the webinar "Bernstein safety system - increase safety on production lines".

BERNSTEIN fully understands that nowadays safety on production lines requires a new and comprehensive approach. That’s why it is not only introducing new solutions in the field of safety switch technology, but is constantly developing its offer in the field of systems for safe and ergonomic work and expanding it to include solutions for hygiene assurance.

Main issues presented during the webinar:

We cordially invite you to watch the recording.


We present you the recording of a joint webinar with our vision systems provider Cognex "Vision systems - tailor-made solutions".

The main purpose of the webinar was to introduce you to the wide range of vision system applications, along with examples of the most commonly implemented applications, as well as a presentation of systems based on neural networks or artificial intelligence.

We presented all available categories, including code readers – handheld and stationary – for verifying the correctness of packaged product, verifying the correctness of assembly, for reading defective codes, comparing codes in bulk packaging.

We also presented our implementations using vision systems, including the AUTOMATECH INSPECTOR for the beverage industry: bottles and cans, thanks to which it is possible to verify several elements simultaneously:

We also presented the application possibilities of vision inspection in terms of various industry sectors.

We invite you to watch the webinar.


In front of you is the recording of the webinar "Machine safety through the eyes of experts", conducted by AUTOMATECH and Panasonic.

We present interesting issues related to machine safety in its broadest sense, among others:

During the webinar we answer the question: what is the relationship between the Regulation and the Machinery Directive, what are standards harmonized with the Machinery Directive.

We present details of the risk assessment process including examples. We also briefly discuss technical safety measures from the Panasonic Industry portfolio.

We invite you to watch the webinar.


Press technology with Industry 4.0 requirements, speed, flexibility and safety - Case Study.

The Automotive 2019 Conference was, for the fifth time, a place for dialogue between automotive companies and integrators. AUTOMATECH, as every year, was a Partner of the Conference.

On the first day of the Conference, Jan Auguściuk – Managing Director AUTOMATECH gave a lecture entitled. „Press technology taking into account the requirements of Industry 4.0, speed, flexibility and safety – a case study”. The presentation, based on a concrete example of an implemented project, was met with great interest.

We invite you to watch the recording about the need to digitize solutions in the era of Industry 4.0 using the example of press analysis and monitoring.

We already use applications in this field on a daily basis, for example, in our smartphones or cars. Both in the private zone and in the professional area we receive benefits that can not only help, but in particular can increase savings of resources and time.

Such an example of the use of digital solutions implemented by Automatech are presses.

A press is usually a very large machine that has a huge pressing force of, for example 600 tons used for stamping. During the production of each detail, its entire structure naturally deforms, invisible to the naked eye. If we equip such a machine with the necessary sensors to measure these deformations, we can read the sent measurement signals in real time. Data analysis can prevent very costly machine damage and production downtime. In addition, by analyzing the data and comparing it between machine cycles, we gain a guarantee that each product will be of the same quality. From the same data analyzed throughout the operation of the machine, we can detect a situation at an early stage, overlooked in the longer term will cause damage to the machine.

If we want to take advantage of such possibilities we need to collect a large amount of data. The solution to such a situation is to send data to the cloud, such as Mindspehere Siemens and analyze it later.

What are the effects of such an action? Modern monitoring of the operation of a press or its tool will allow us to predict its damage and thus prevent high expenses. In addition, our recipient e.g. the car manufacturer will have guaranteed quality of the ordered parts.

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