131010133206_about_pictureAutomatech is a Polish engineering company with over 25 years of experience (since 1994), on the industrial automation market, at home and abroad. We offer a wide range of professional engineering services and sell components from leading manufacturers of industrial automation.

The applications and solutions we provide include, among others:

  • Machine safety audits
  • Vision quality control stations
  • Laser marking stations
  • Telemetry measurements of electrical and non-electrical quantities
  • Systems for controlling energy consumption and other parameters in industrial plants
  • Adaptation of machines to EU requirements in terms of safety
  • Design and construction of control cabinets
  • Construction of machines and devices
  • Construction of complete device control systems
  • Industrial robots
  • Individual technical solutions created especially for specific industrial applications
  • Consulting and technical service
  • Training in the field of safety and machine operation

The engineering staff of Automatech has extensive experience in building various industrial automation applications. A significant part of the solutions we create is dedicated to meet the individual needs of our clients. For this reason, the projects we implement are unique and mostly of a prototype character. The company conducts its own research work on technical and physical possibilities of solving the given problem. Our offer also includes ready and proven technical solutions based on knowledge and many years of experience. Our implementations are made with the use of products from leading global producers such as: Siemens, Cognex, Omron, Panasonic, Bernstein, Benedict, Emotron, ASM, Pfannenberg, Conductix-Wampfler, Themis, Mayser.

Ethics of operation, high quality of services and punctuality of their performance mean that our clients are over 5,000 companies in Poland and abroad.

Automatech is an active enterprise that uses EU funds. The funds obtained are used both for the development and expansion of the company, and are used to constantly improve the qualifications of our employees.

Automatech Statement on Conflict Minerals – 3TG.

President Obama signed the Dodd-Frank-Act in July 2010, which, among other things, obliges companies to commit to avoiding minerals from conflict-ridden regions. This law regulates the import and use of minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo and neighboring countries. Metals affected by this legislation include tantalum, tungsten, tin, and gold. The new act requires listed companies in the US to report annually to the SEC (Securities Commission) the origin of the products and whether they were produced from the so-called conflict minerals. The new regulation entered into force on April 17, 2011. Automatech as a private company is not directly subject to the ordinance. Being a distributor of industrial automation components from various manufacturers, the company ensures that there are no deviations from the regulations and that the products offered by Automatech (based on data provided by manufacturers and suppliers) do not contain minerals from the areas mentioned. If we receive information to the contrary, we will provide such information quickly.

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