Machine Safety Audit

We perform a safety audit of machines and production lines, in accordance with applicable regulations and standards.

We have a team of experienced engineers specializing in the design, implementation, programming and commissioning of complete safety systems for various machines and production lines, so that they meet all the currently applicable PN-EN standards.

We perform technical analysis, machine verification at the customer’s site and then, based on the detected threats, we indicate the required actions necessary to ensure the safe operation of the machine.

Proper identification of hazards and their elimination gives tangible benefits for the customer in the form of extending the life of the machine and saving time and operating costs and most importantly ensuring safety for the employees operating the machines.

We offer:

Analysis – Audit – Report – Adjustment – CE Mark

  • Assessment of an existing machine or machine line in relation to safety requirements,
  • Assessment of selected components / risk analysis,
  • Control, measurement and testing of installed sensors and actuators,
  • Software and hardware test,
  • Preparation of a report with detailed data on the results / indication of dangerous points,
  • Implementation of the implementation service consisting in the elimination of threats both in terms of hardware and mechanics,
  • Issue of a declaration of compliance,
  • As one of the few companies on the market, we offer related services, such as developing a report, proposing solutions, implementing solutions in agreement with the client’s preferences, issuing a declaration of compliance.

Benefits for the client:

  • Compliance with the applicable legal status – positive result of the National Labor Inspectorate’s control,
  • Current inventory and verification of the machine park,
  • Possibility to eliminate old machines and devices that do not meet production and health and safety requirements,
  • The possibility of modernizing the machine park,
  • Determination of investment and modernization needs,
  • Elimination / limitation of occupational hazards (disease and accident),
  • Improving the conditions of service, maintenance and repair of the machinery park.

Safe, holiday check of machinery and maintenance.


As part of holiday breaks, many companies perform production downtime in order to check the condition of machines, perform inspections and repairs. During this period, it is worth performing an additional safety audit of the operating machinery park. Usually, we perform safety audits as part of the necessity of post-accident situations, guidelines of the company’s Management Board, notifications of health and safety requirements or the purchase of a new machine or modernization of an existing one.

Maintenance services would like to use the time of breaks to the maximum, while spending as little additional funds as possible.

In our opinion, the additional service in the form of a post-verification audit does not cause a high cost and may prevent large expenses in the future. It can be treated in the eyes of a layman as “dental prophylaxis”. Periodic inspection usually costs little and prevents pain, both physical and financial, in the future.

AUTOMATECH, as a professional on the machine safety market, directs the above service primarily to customers who have completed and carried out a basic audit and verification after machine modernization. Periodic checking of the maintenance and correctness of the introduced changes is short, economical and guarantees work safety for the next period.

The post-verification audit is carried out on the basis of a normal audit in the form of a verification audit. Its purpose is to check whether the applied modifications fulfill their functions, whether they have not been removed or damaged and whether all security measures are operational. This applies to the added guards – are they in their place and complete, safety switches – are they not damaged, unscrewed from the movable guards or “bridged” in the control cabinet, light curtains – whether they work properly and are at an appropriate safe distance from the hazard points (extension machine stoppages as a result of e.g. wear of mechanical parts) and other recommended and applied implementations. Functional tests of security measures are also carried out. All comments are described on the verification report template, thanks to which it is easy to notice possible changes in the machine over time, possible deficiencies or maintenance of the condition after modernization.

Periodic inspection of machines, including overrun measurement, if the machine is equipped with safety light curtains, is legally required:

„In accordance with the Ordinance of the Minister of Economy of 30 October 2002 on the minimum requirements for occupational health and safety in the use of machines by employees at work (Journal of Laws 191, item 1596). and the Ordinance of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of August 28, 2003 on general provisions on health and safety at work – (Journal of Laws No. 169, item 1650), the employer should ensure periodic and special inspections of the technical condition of machines. Protective devices should be maintained in a technical condition ensuring their use without harm to the safety and health of workers and used only in the processes and conditions for which they are intended”

We invite you to the cooperation. We will be happy to prepare an offer for you.

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